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Mill Valley, CA

Everyone has a smartphone these days. Their functions have grown immensely and the amount of features manufacturers pack into them is mind blowing. Due to the compact natures of these phones, they do pick up hardware issues that mean you have urgently to find a local smart phone repair service. That is only one issue. The other issue is related to your device's safety. Follow these safety tips for smartphones.

• Always use a pin code
An astonishing number of people do not bother securing their phone with a pin code due to absolute laziness for typing in a phrase or sliding their finger for pattern locks. Should someone get hold of your phone or steal it, they have free access to everything on your phone from your phone book to all your data; they can make phone calls and register for products that could land you in deep financial water.

• Crucial data protection
As said earlier, a smartphone is, in essence, a mini computer and as such, you do store many sensitive data on your phone. A pin code is insufficient in these cases as the device can simply be plugged into another device, and all your data copied. Get file protection passwords where no data can be downloaded unless they have the code.

• The wireless scam
The wireless connection you use at coffee shops, restaurants or inside office buildings is a great way for increased speeds and saving on data costs. The security issue here is that a malicious attack can occur where a false wireless connection or hotspot is created where you connect to a seemingly legitimate hotspot. When you connect and use passwords for sites, etc., all your keystrokes are recorded and later used to defraud you. Ensure your smartphone does not connect automatically when near hotspots.