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With the revolution of the computer and laptop into the portable, slim and sexy tablet ranges, it virtually changed the way we look at the computer. It was designed with portability in mind, but PC tablets are not all about a bunch of benefits. Here is a list of PC tablet cons.

• The Theft Factor
Due to its compact form and the fact that it is portable, this high-end product is a constant target for thieves. Unless you register your serial number or install a tracking device, it is gone forever. Laptops are also targets for thieves, but not as easy to hide.

• Input is Difficult
With a tablet, your input is touch sensitivity and typing on an on-screen keyboard can be difficult. The solution is a separate keyboard that connects to the device that turns it into a super slim laptop. You are also limited to the quantity of ports a tablet has for external devices, but then again, the whole idea is portability.

• Definite Software Limitations
This is the one area where tablets fall well short from laptops and desktops. Most tablets use mobile operating systems, and the app revolution is mainly due to tablets. Apps have to be bought from a dedicated store, and you have to purchase an app for everything you want to perform. The apps are also far simpler than genuine laptop software, and this simplicity means limitations.

• Suitability Issues
A tablet is not for the businessperson who wants to get work done. Sure, you can read and respond to e-mails, but that is where it stops. If you want to watch movies or take great pictures, go for the tablet.

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