Electronic Repairs

Novato, CA

The single biggest cost on any smartphone is a cracked screen repair service specialist charging you for something that could have been prevented in the first place. Prevent your smart phone screen from cracking or scratching with these smart tips.

• Keep it away from your kids
Some parents just do not care their little ones grabbing their smartphone and running around with it as if it is a $1 toy. Then the phone falls, and cracks and all hell break loose. Don't be a fool — learn to say no to the right things when it comes to your kids unless you really do not care.

• Get a protective case
Whilst these phones are expensive, we are sure you can spend a few bucks on a decent phone protector case. These cases prevent the screen from cracking as well as your phone flying into little bits of pieces all over the floor. Always go for the case that will protect the edges best as this is a major contributor to the rest of the phone screen cracking. There is a wide variety of funky cases on the market.

• Do not be a klutz
If you are prone to letting things fall from your hands, rather place your smart phone in your handbag or trouser pocket. This way it is safe without the possibility of falling. Men — please not your shirt pocket as you will forget it is there.

• Always a safe place
When you are at home or work and wanting to charge your phone, do not place it on the edge of a counter. Chances are that it will fall and crack. Ensure it is sturdy and that any wires are free from anybody tripping over it and taking the phone with on their way down.

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