Android Repair

San Anselmo, CA

The one major component all smartphone users neglect is the battery of the phone. Yet, without the battery, your $900 phone is useless, and you can throw it away. The battery life on any smartphone also receives the biggest complaints when it comes to terms of talk time and standby time. There are ways to extend the battery life on your smartphone.

• Those dreaded location services
Most smartphones use location service settings to update great deals within the area you are in and other status messages. This uses quite a bit of battery life. Switch off location services — I mean — how many times do you really use it on your i-Phone or Samsung?

• Screen wallpapers
Yes, that little background on your phone and not your grandmother's house. Try to go for darker wallpapers as every pixel takes power to shine. The only exception is the i-Phone that uses a different technology.

• Get rid of unused apps
Get rid of all the apps that seemed great, but which you never use. It may not seem like it is running in the background, but every app uses a bit of battery life. Delete them completely or stop them from your app screen.

• Brightness
The brighter your phone is set, the more power it is using. By setting the phone's brightness level to medium, you will soon discover that you are saving on battery life.

• Un Wi-Fi your phone
Yes, you do want to save on data costs, but how many times are you really in a hotspot? If you are not going onto the internet, stop your phone from constantly searching for networks.

• Keep the heat away
Exposure to direct sunlight or any other heat source will cause your battery to go down faster. Keep your phone cool as far as possible.

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